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Nov 9, 2018

With us on this Episode of the Global Cable is Perry World House Distinguished Visiting Fellow and Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood Randall to discuss a range of issues, including Iran, Nuclear Proliferation and Climate Change with Professor William Burke-White, the Inaugural Director of Perry World House. 

Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall served as the U.S. deputy secretary of energy from 2014 to 2017 and as special assistant to the President at the National Security Council where she was White House Coordinator for Defense Policy, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction and Arms Control from 2013-2014 and Senior Director for European Affairs from 2009-2013. Sherwood-Randall is currently a senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and a distinguished professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology with a joint appointment at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs and at the Strategic Energy Institute.  Earlier in her career, Sherwood-Randall served as Chief Foreign Affairs and Defense Policy Advisor to Senator Joe Biden.  She received her undergraduate degree from Harvard College and her doctorate at Oxford University, where she was among the early ranks of female Rhodes Scholars.  


0:28 - Introduction

1:25 - The Iran Deal


06:55 - The Consequences of Abandoning the Deal

09:50 - North Korea's Nuclear Problem

16:00 - Climate Change & Energy Start-Ups

17:50 - The Development of New Technologies to Combat Climate Change

21:30 - The Dangers Facing the U.S. & The World

23:10 - Interesting Global Facts

24:15 - Getting Involved in Global Affairs

25:40 - Outro


Music and Produced by Tre Hester