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Dec 13, 2017

Derek Chollet, author most recently of “The Long Game: How Obama Defied Washington and Redefined America’s Role in the World”, was an Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Obama administration. He’s now Executive Vice President at the German-Marshall Fund. In this podcast with Perry World House Director Bill Burke-White, Chollet discusses strategy differences between Obama and Trump, what makes for a great Secretary of State, and the most important challenges facing the world.

  • (1:00) – Chollet’s background and entry into foreign policy.
  • (3:15) – What is the role of academia in solving global challenges?
  • (6:00) – How did Obama change America’s approach towards the world?
  • (9:30) – Is there coherence to President Trump’s “America First” strategy?
  • (12:35) – What makes a great Secretary of State?
  • (16:19) – What are the two most pressing issues facing the United States in the short- and long-term
  • (21:00) – Career advice for students

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Music and Produced by Tre Hester