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Oct 19, 2018

As part of the University of Pennsylvania’s Project on the Future of China, Perry World House brought together a range of scholars and policymakers in Beijing on September 7, 2018 to discuss China’s vision for the global order and how those ambitions complement and clash with the interests of other countries, particularly of the United States.

In this episode of The Global Cable, Inaugural Director Bill Burke-White discusses China's role in The Global Order and it's policy implications here in the United States with Executive Director of Penn Global and of Penn China Initiatives Amy Gadsden and Perry World House Global Order Program Manager John Gans. 

Episode Overview:


1:35 - Intro

7:30 - US-China Relationship 

12:40 - Trade Tensions

17:20 - Re-strengthening the Relationship

26:50 - The Role of Universities and Academic Institutions

31:00 - Outro


Music and Produced by Tre Hester