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Oct 12, 2018

With us on this Episode of the Global Cable is former National Security Advisor and Distinguished Perry World House Visiting Fellow H.R. McMaster to discuss his time in the Trump White House and his views on the current state of the global order with Professor William Burke-White, the inaugural director of Perry World House, and Associate Director Professor Michael Horowitz. McMaster was at the University of Pennsylvania to take part in Perry World House’s Colloquium on “Competing Visions of the Global Order” that brought a who’s who of former government officials, diplomats, journalists, and academic experts to Philadelphia.

Episode Overview:


0:18 - Intro

5:10 - H.R. McMaster's Current Academic Projects

7:42 - His Proudest Moment in the Trump Administration

10:00 - Challenges as a National Security Advisor

11:20 - Russia's Role in the Global Order

14:48 - The Civil-Military Relationship in Government 

20:05 - The Benefits of Service 

21:10 - The Biggest Threats to the World

29:40 - Interesting Global Facts

31:30 - Career Advice 

33:00 - Outro


Music and Produced by Tre Hester