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Nov 7, 2017

Dr. Oriana Skylar Mastro is an expert on the Chinese military, Asia-Pacific security issues, and coercive diplomacy. When Dr. Mastro is not teaching or researching at Georgetown University, she serves as an officer in the United States Air Force Reserve as a Political Military Affairs Strategist. In this podcast, Dr. Michael C. Horowitz and Dr. Mastro discuss China, threats to the United States, and career advice for university students.

  • 2:20 – The role of academics in policymaking and politics
  • 4:52 – How nationalism and domestic political factors shape China’s approach to the world
  • 8:55 – The most important short-term global threats facing the United States
  • 13:55 – The most important long-term global challenges facing the United States
  • 15:04 – Mike admits that he “doesn’t know about most things”
  • 15:55 – Career advice for college students interested in engaging the policy world


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Produced and Music by Tre Hester